7 “High End” Restaurants to Satisfy Your Las Vegas Munchies

We’re pretty sure you don’t need to be convinced that the munchies are real, right? Come on, even CNN knows how they work.  We’re much more interested in what to DO when you have the munchies in Las Vegas.

Fortunately, our city provides tons of appealing options, from high-end dining to affordable buffets to exotic ethnic cuisines. Here are a few of our favorites – from fun ethnic joints to buffets, to street food!

 Fun Ethnic Joints

 Raku Grill

Source: www.Raku-Grill.com

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Proof that “delicious” doesn’t have to mean “stiff and formal,” this comfy little room packs in fun-seeking foodies till the wee hours. And as if you needed reminding, Raku Grill also demonstrates that “Japanese food” doesn’t always mean “sushi.”

Instead, you’ll snack on irresistible salty treats like Kobe beef fillet with wasabi, charred shishito peppers, and cooling green tea soba noodles with a flaming-bright poached egg bobbing in the middle. And if you’ve got the time to spare, don’t hesitate to splurge on the omakase menu, a “chef’s choice” that will take your palate places it didn’t even know existed.

Meet Fresh

Meet Fresh
Source: www.meetfresh.com

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Okay, we admit we’re kind of throwing you a curve ball with this one, but we know you can take it. Already a bonafide craze on both coasts, Taiwanese and Chinese desserts are very unlike the floury baked goods and chocolate-drenched confections we Americans are used to eating.

Instead, these hot and cold puddings, gummy jellies and taro-based desserts are all about texture, contrasts and surprising combinations. In other words, they’re the perfect desserts and snacks to try while high!



Source: www.vitalvegas.com

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A.Y.C.E. is new to the Las Vegas buffet scene and, frankly, it’s taken it by storm. Injecting a lighter, modern energy into what can be a tired genre, A.Y.C.E. rewrites the script with dishes like cedar-planked salmon, roasted cauliflower gratin, and hoisin-glazed bok choy. Hint: If you register for a players’ card through the Palms Hotel, you’ll get a price break. Not a bad way to roll if you’ve got the munchies in Las Vegas!….

Delhi Indian Cuisine

Source: www.delhiindiancuisinelv.com

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Las Vegas may be better known for its unending casino buffets, but for our money, it’s pretty dang hard to beat the exciting and unusual flavors of this well-loved Indian and Nepali restaurant. Cannabis enthusiasts beware: There is an excellent chance you’ll quickly be overwhelmed by the choices, ranging from classic Indian favorites like aloo tikki—crisp little potato cakes served with refreshing chutneys—to momos, steamed Nepalese dumplings filled with minced vegetables. Do take our advice and go slow, or suffer the torment of the overstuffed Indian buffet dinner: Delhi belly.

Street Food

King’s Sausage

Source: www.kingsausage.com

Locations: Various spots, check website for current location
Phone: (702) 418-4562
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“Eastern European food” might not be the first thing you think when you imagine a visit to the food truck of your dreams. But maybe it should be! King’s Sausage grills up Polish kielbasa, German beer brats, and even habanero-spiked sausages that taste out of this world! Add housemade pierogi— little-boiled dumplings filled with your choice of fillings like mushrooms and sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and spinach-fecked meat—and a killer meatloaf sandwich, and you’ll catch on pretty quickly as to why King’s has been one of Las Vegas’ top-rated food trucks for the last six years running.

Sticky Iggy’s

Source: www.stickyiggys.com

Location: Various spots, check website for current location
Phone: (702) 415-3496
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Come on. Seeing as we’re talking about the munchies in Las Vegas, did you really think we could pass up a joint called “Sticky Iggy’s”?!? If it involves fried chicken and/or waffles, Iggy is all over it. From traditional hot and crispy fried chicken to waffle batter-dipped chicken to chicken in a waffle cone…you get the idea. Whatever format you prefer your hot, salty and sweet treats, you’ll find it at this always-jammed food truck.

Do be sure to reach out by phone or on the web first to make sure a truck is at one of its regular locations around town. And prepare to be very, very sleepy immediately after polishing off a full order!


Source: www.facebook.com/StripchezzeTruckVegas

Location: Various spots, check website for current location
Phone: (702) 706-3256
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Okay, let’s be blunt here – this is not healthy food. Eating a sandwich made out of “maple bourbon bacon jam” and melted cheese on parmesan-crusted grilled sourdough is not going to end well. But it is going to taste awesome while it’s happening! If you’re really feeling bold, try “Daddy’s on a Roll” – deep-fried egg rolls filled with mac and cheese (yes, you read that right) served with a side of spicy kimchi sauce.

This is straight-up fun time party food, and you’d have to be in a seriously bad mood not to leave this cheerful, bright-yellow truck without a smile on your face!

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