Every day, the budtenders here at NuWu field countless questions about cannabis, specific strains, and many other cannabis-related topics.

Here are a few of the top queries collected into a handy list. Don’t see a question you need answered here? You know how to reach us!

What is dabbing? “Dabbing” is the process of inhaling small amounts of cannabis extracts or concentrates, typically through a specially designed pipe. It’s a relatively new and exciting way to enjoy cannabis, but due to its potency, we advise newcomers start with tiny amounts.

How long does weed stay in your system? The answer depends on many factors, such as how often you imbibe cannabis and when you last consumed it.

In urine tests, weed typically stays detectable for around 8 days after a single use or longer if you are a heavier user.

In saliva tests, weed typically stays detectable for around 24 hours after a single use or longer if you are a heavier user.

We often refer people to this helpful article, which lays out detectability guidelines for different types of tests, as well as for different use patterns.

How long does being high last? Roughly speaking, the average length of a cannabis high lasts around two hours, assuming the cannabis was inhaled. A more precise answer depends on how much was ingested, the way in which it was ingested—edibles typically last far longer than other intake methods—and the person in question’s use patterns.

What strains have high CBD? Most cannabis strains have at least some CBD, but those called “CBD-dominant” have a greater proportion of CBD to THC. These include Acapulco Gold, Deep Roots, Tora Bora, and many others. If you visit our live menu, you can easily filter strains by CBD percentage and find what we currently stock.

How to come down from a high faster? Step one: Don’t panic; you’re going to be just fine. Start by drinking plenty of non-alcoholic liquids. Try taking a walk in a quiet park or nearby neighborhood. Warm showers are often comforting when you’re a little bit too high. The taste or smell of black pepper helps counteract too much THC.

What are the different types of weed? There are two major types of weed: sativa-dominant, typically characterized by an energetic, cerebrally stimulating “buzz,” and then there’s the relaxing, body-centered psychoactivity of indica-dominant strains. Many strains are a blend of these two.

Is smoking weed healthy? In addition to being recreationally enjoyable, cannabis is a powerful medicine used to treat many different conditions.

However, there are risks involved: Smoking anything—particularly tobacco—introduces potentially carcinogenic compounds and particulates into the lungs.

And cannabis, like any drug, can be habit-forming. Some 9% of regular users develop dependence patterns. If you feel that cannabis affects your personal relationships, or if you find yourself being dishonest about your cannabis use, it’s a good time to pull over and assess your usage.

Can you buy pot in Las Vegas? Yes. NuWu Cannabis Marketplace is located close to downtown Las Vegas and the Fremont Street Experience.

Where can I find cannabis drinks? NuWu Cannabis Marketplace is proud to carry an extensive line of delicious, healthful, and refreshing cannabis-infused beverages.

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