The Success of the Marijuana Drive-Through: Will They Eventually Replace Traditional Dispensaries?

When you think of a drive-through, what images come to mind? Perhaps you imagine a traditional fast food drive-through, where you order and purchase your desired fast food without leaving your vehicle. Or perhaps you imagine a pharmacy drive-through, where you pick up your prescription medicine from your car as opposed to walking into the store. Maybe you don’t imagine either of those designs, and instead picture one of the three unique marijuana drive-throughs scattered around the U.S.

Convenience, quality customer service and fast transactions hold significant value in our fast-paced society. Fortunately for us cannabis users, there may soon be no need to leave our vehicles to pick up our desired products. As of August of 2016, a Gallup poll found that 13 percent (33 million) American adults admitted to current marijuana usage. From this figure, it’s clear there’s a significantly high demand for marijuana, and dispensary drive-throughs are viewed as the next monumental step to help marijuana businesses stand out in this ever-changing, progressive industry.

Tumbleweed Express in Parachute, Colorado:

On 4/20, 2017, the Tumbleweed Express in Parachute, Colorado, became the world’s first marijuana drive-through. It’s housed in a former Parachute car wash, which initially sparked the idea for this convenient drive-through service. Mark Smith, CEO of Tumbleweed Express, stated the following about their progressive business model: “We have a lot of customers who don’t want to get out of their car for a host of reasons, so we added another level of convenience for them. We wanted to go the extra mile to serve customer needs.”

Marijuana Drive-Through
Tumbleweed Express – Photo from Weedmaps

The Tumbleweed Express process should be familiar to customers: just like at a traditional car wash, drivers pull up to an opening that allows customers to drive their car into the building. A door then closes behind you once inside. Ultimately, customers can be inside the main dispensary but remain within their vehicle while waiting on their desired marijuana products. Next time you’re in the Colorado Rockies, stop by Tumbleweed Express and take your marijuana experience to a higher level!

Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace is not only the world’s largest marijuana drive-through, it’s also open 24 hours a day. Rather than walking into the 15,500-square-foot dispensary, customers can take advantage of the drive-through option, which was intended for elderly and handicapped customers who have difficulty leaving their vehicles.

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace - Las Vegas, NV
NuWu Cannabis Marketplace

There’s also no tax imposed on cannabis purchases made at Nuwu, as the establishment is located on Paiute Native American tribal land. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line marijuana dispensary and drive-through that’s open all day and night, check out Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace to see what Nevada’s momentous drive-through experience is all about.

All Greens in Sun City, Arizona:

Due to a recent in-state relocation from Surprise, Arizona, to Sun City, All Greens implemented a drive-through with the intention of providing convenience and fast transactions to elderly and disabled medical marijuana customers. According to Bret Idaspe, All Greens’ Sales Manager, the average age for All Greens drive-through customers is 40 years old, and many of their medical marijuana patients have walkers or wheelchairs. All Greens receives a steady 50-60 patients daily, and overall customer traffic has recently increased. Positive feedback continues to accumulate, and, thus far, a wide range of customers have tried out the drive-through to see what it’s like, according to an All Greens employee.

Marijuana Drive-Through
All Greens – ABC15

Overall, convenience, fast transactions, quality customer service and safety are the main benefits cannabis drive-throughs have to offer. It’s only a matter of time before other U.S. states introduce their own unique drive-throughs—which state will be next?

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