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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Testimonials

"I suffer from degenerative arthritis - I have pain all day everyday in both hips and knees.

I have always been a big fan of marijuana, but until legalization I was subject to "getting what I could get."

It's amazing to have the knowledge and choices that have been afforded to people since legalization.

Because of cannabis I use way less pain medication than I would have to and the overall benefits are so worth it!"


"I have multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. I have had seizures and a lot of pain. Also, a lot of anxiety since the seizures started.

I wanted to get stoned again - it had been a long time. By using cannabis, it has made my anxiety and pain better. I have not had any seizures since I started the CBD oil."


"Before cannabis my life was boring and miserable.

I love getting high. I like the socialization aspect of it – meeting people who share a common interest.

Since using cannabis I feel my day has a lot more substance and I have more energy. My overall quality of life is up a few notches."


Before cannabis: "Alcohol."
Reasons for Cannabis: "Life."
Outcome using Cannabis: "Good health."