7 Las Vegas Spas to Enhance Your Cannabis Relaxation Experience

Cannabis: It’s not just for partying anymore! One of the best things about the current cannabis revolution is that it’s taking weed out of the shadows and into so many places where it can actually do our bodies and minds good!

 CanYou Spa While High?

One of our very favorites of those places is the world of self-care and wellness. Cannabis is a great match for activities like practicing yoga, relaxing in the muscle-loosening heat of a day spa, or enjoying the stress-reducing touch of massage. Because it tends to have the delightful side-effect of slowing down one’s perception of time, cannabis invites us to drop into the gentle, natural rhythms associated with all these activities.

Cannabis is also a powerful anxiolytic, meaning that it tends to reduce anxiety. This goes hand-in-hand with health and wellness practices, nearly all of which are designed to lower stress in our bodies, hearts, and minds.

And while it’s true that some users report increased anxiety with cannabis—particularly with large doses—studies like the one recently concluded at Washington State University found that, regardless of the strain of cannabis used, most subjects overwhelmingly experienced a reduction in stress and anxiety after roughly two hits of cannabis.

With that in mind, we’d love to point you towards a few of our favorite places to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate. If you visit a spa while high, do remember to drink plenty of water, as heat-based treatments—saunas, in particular—can be dehydrating.

While all these activities have been vetted by users as “cannabis-friendly,” do yourself—and the proprietors—a favor by imbibing before you arrive, or at the very least constraining your cannabis use to designated smoking areas. Though cannabis is legal in Las Vegas, consuming it in public is punishable by a steep ($600) ticket. While the LVPD isn’t aggressively pursuing offenders, it’s a good reminder to be discreet. Look for a legal solution to this in 2019, hopefully.

 Las Vegas Spas to Try While High

1. Hibiscus Spa at The Westin Las Vegas

Source: www.WestinLasVegas.com

Location & Directions

Done up in cooling shades of celadon, the hotel’s Hibiscus Spa is all about restoring equilibrium and relieving stress, which sounds an awful lot like what we seek from cannabis!

2. Costa del Sur Spa and Salon

Source: www.spacostadelsur.com

Location & Directions

With a full list of offerings running the gamut from Swedish massage and “aroma blend body therapy” to craniosacral therapy and beyond, you may want to choose your adventure before imbibing so as not to get overwhelmed by the choices at this very full-service spa!

 3. The Spa at Aria


Location & Directions

“Thai Fusion” and “Essential Stone,” which interestingly, sound like cannabis strains, are just a couple of the massage and wellness packages offered here. The facility also offers private spa suites for parties of up to four people with a minimum 3-hour reservation.

 4. Sahra Spa and Hammam

Sahra Spa and Hammam
Source: www.thingstodoinlasvegas.com

Location & Directions

Described as a “modern homage to a sensual, centuries-old ritual of purification,” the warm desert shades invite deep detoxification and relaxation, and the low, enveloping light suggests it’s a great place to spa while high!

 5. Canyon Ranch Spa

Source: www.canyonranch.com

Location & Directions 

Make your way past the operatic singers and somewhat trippy living statues of the Grand Canal Shoppes and enter one of the world’s largest and best-equipped spas, which includes a full suite of skin care and treatment options plus fitness, nutrition, and exercise physiology classes.

 6. The Mirage Spa & Salon

Source: www.mirage.com

Location & Directions

If you’re not up for a themed experience, this well-reviewed day spa offers a more straightforward spa visit. You’ll find traditional steam rooms, saunas, and whirlpools along with quiet and soothing meditation rooms, all segregated by gender.

 7. Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa

Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa
Source: www.10best.com

Location & Directions

Though it’s not in Las Vegas proper, a visit to this cool Mediterranean-themed property may feel like a refuge from the clamor and hustle of the Strip. You’ll find all the amenities you’d expect from a day spa, including customized facials and skin care treatments, warm massage, and treatments specifically tailored to couples and moms-to-be.

Before you head out and get on with your Las Vegas self-care and wellness retreat, make sure you check out Nu Wu Cannabis’ online cannabis menu or stop in and chat with our friendly budtenders who will help you decide the best strain for relaxation and calm.

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