Tribal pot shop looking to add drive-thru window


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Nuwu Cannabis near Main and Washington is the first retail marijuana dispensary on tribal lands in Nevada.

Owned by the Las Vegas Pauite Tribe, tribal Chairman Benny Tso says he never expected he’d get into the weed business.

“We kind of chuckled at it at first,” Tso says.  But he says revenue from the new marijuana shop could eventually make his tribe self-sufficient and support tribal housing, health care, and education.

The shop is claimed to be the largest dispensary in the United States, and its large inventory is drawing in customers like Jared McKinney.  “I tried the alien OG which is wht I’m currently floating on right now,” he says.

McKinney says he enjoys coming into the shop, but is also excited about a plan to put in a drive through window.  “That would be perfect,” he says. “Just get in the car, smash out, and go.”

Chairman Benny Tso says the tribe already has a drive through window set up at their smoke shop next door, where people can get cigarettes to go.  He’s looking into expanding that to drive-thru weed as well.

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