Tribal pot store near downtown Las Vegas aims to be biggest in the country

The boom from legalized recreational marijuana in Nevada is about to get even bigger, thanks to a massive store set to open early next month near downtown Las Vegas.

With 15,800 square feet of retail space, Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace, located on tribal land, will be the largest standalone retail marijuana facility in the U.S., according to its owners.

“We’re pretty sure this is bigger than anyone here will have ever seen,” Las Vegas Paiute Chairman Benny Tso said. “We want to raise the bar on the cannabis industry, and we want the industry to come with us.”

The store, whose name translates to “the Southern Paiute people,” is on a 2.5-acre parcel next to the Las Vegas Paiute Tribal Mini Mart, 1225 N. Main St., north of Washington Avenue.


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