The World’s Largest Dispensary Comes to Vegas

When it comes to buying your cannabis, there have been a lot of changes since old days of everything being done on the black market. In many states, we can now walk into a store and purchase whatever product we want or need. There is an enormous variety of high quality, reliable products available. Even so, NuWu Cannabis Marketplace is going to change the world of cannabis sales.

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace is a retail location in view of the Las Vegas Strip. It operates on tribal land and as such has been able to find a large amount of space. The facility itself will be open to the public starting the week of October 16th, ensuring customersfrom all over the world will be able to purchase marijuana in a whole new way.

The retail portion of the facility features over 170 feet of countertop and sits inside a 16,000 square foot building. Some might think that size doesn’t really matter, but they will have more product available to choose from than any other dispensary. Literally: it’s the largest recreational cannabis marketplace on the planet.


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